1. How will I receive my product?

Your product will be available right after your purchase as a digital download.
You will also receive an email with a separate download link in case you missed it at the check out.


2. What about compatibility?

Our products are exclusively made for Premiere Pro versions from CC2019 up to CC2020 (14.1) We are working on compatibilities constantly and are hoping to provide presets for other video editing platforms soon.


3. How do I install and use my product?

With the bundle download you will get a how to video that explains how you can easily set up your project ready to use in no time.

4. I am missing File links when I open the Project. How can I fix this?

Don't worry, missing files are a common problem. Premiere will ask you automatically if you want to search for the missing files. (or you can right-click on the missing file and choose Link Media) All the files required are coming with the bundle and are located in the Assets and Footage Folder.

5. Am I getting notifications if you update your products?

Yes, and yes. We notify our customers with an email if there is a free updated version of your previous purchases. If you want to be notified of new products and freebies please sign up for the newsletter.


6. Will you be releasing freebies?

YES! We are constantly working on getting you some samples and goodies for our upcoming products. We are also working with a collective of creative minds and digital artists, to get you a wider variety of free products and info on how to use and create with Premiere Pro and other Video editing platforms. 


7. I'm only drag & dropping nested sequences!

When i try to drag & drop a transitions from the project tab, I only get a nested sequence with the video that is in the preview. I cant use it on my own clips. Whats the problem.

Head over to YouTube and find the solution to this problem.


If you have any questions or having trouble using your product, please feel free to contact us at support@yellowmelonmotion.com


Happy editing!