We at Yellow Melon Motion are creators just like you. Our mission is to help you spend less time editing and more time shooting, traveling and vlogging. Our premium effect presets and transitions will give your videos what they're missing.

Let me introduce myself and Yellow Melon Motion Co.

My name is Fou Rush and I live on a sailboat that currently sails the Mediterranean sea. I have my background in event production and live broadcasts as well as production design. For the past 8 years, I have gained a lot of knowledge of a wide range of Adobe Products like Premiere Pro and After Effects as well as Photoshop and Illustrator. Basically, everything that makes my life as a creator easier.

The initial thought that sparked Yellow Melon Motion Co was the lack of high quality presets for the mentioned Adobe Products. Having to go through thousands of Transition Presets, Luts & Looks was taking up too much time for my gusto. I started to create transition presets myself for our Youtube channel Sailing Koru. I went from transitions to effects, to overlays to color correction and even into the dark realms of After Effects to get the presets and motion graphics that I liked. Therefore I have a huge collection of the finest, handcrafted, and most of all unique presets that I want to share with you.
Yellow Melon Motions presets packs are kept small to guarantee quality over quantity.

I am a creator just like you and on my way to becoming my best possible edit. Grow with us, share knowledge and thoughts with the community. Every now and then I will upload a Blog Post from the high seas with best practices and my top tips on editing-related topics.

Happy editing!