How to fix the "Media Offline" issue in Premiere Pro

The "Media Offline" issue is a very common problem we are all facing every now and again. It is actually a pretty easy fix if you know how to do it. 

Why is this happening?

the media that is imported into Premiere Pro are not the actual files. They are aliases of the actual file. So PP is only remembering the path on your computer that leads to the actual file. Whenever you make a change in the path, i.e. if you move your project folder to another location on your computer or cloud, PP cant find the original path to the files anymore. 

How do I fix it?

To fix this follow these simple steps:

1. Select all the clips in your project tab that is missing. 


2. "right-click" and choose "Link Media" A new window opens which lists all the missing media. Marked yellow is the path that PP is looking for the missing media. Now you have to tell PP where to look for the files.

3. Click on "Locate" and choose the folder where you have saved the required files. If you are looking for the original files from our Mega Bundle, you will find it in the folder you have unzipped under "Footage" If you tick the function "display only exact name matches" PP will only show the folder content that has the exact same name. Very helpful if you have media that is labeled very similar. 

4. Click "OK" and voila! Premiere Pro will do most of the work for you. PP does make all the missing links automatically as long as the missing media is in the same folder. Hence, you will not have to repeat those steps for the rest of the missing media. PP will simply go ahead and assume you have moved your footage folder and fill in the blanks. Try it! 


I hope this article helped you get some more insight on the infamous "Media Offline" problem. 


Happy editing!

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